11 Common Pregnancy Myths 


Congratulations, you’re expecting! You've made your pregnancy announcement and ordered your maternity clothes. You’re a few months in and Great Grandma Sue informs you that you’re carrying high so it’s a boy! Some myths (especially those around guessing gender) are continued on for fun – people love to try to guess! Other times, people pass these “facts” along and don’t realize that they just aren’t true so we’re here to clear up a few of these common pregnancy myths.  


Myth #1: You cannot exercise while pregnant 

It is recommended to continue exercising and being active while pregnant and they're are plenty of cute and funtional maternity clothes to wear during workouts. Staying active will help you maintain your weight, help regulate blood sugar levels and keep muscles toned which will help with labor.  It is generally considered safe to continue exercising at the same level you were at before becoming pregnant. It is also safe for your to start a new routine if you don’t already have one. Yoga, walking and swimming are great exercises for during pregnancy. Things like bike riding aren’t recommended because pregnancy messes with your balance. You can always talk to your doctor for recommendations, if you need to modify your routine or things you should avoid. 




Myth #2: No Baths 

Baths are perfectly fine during pregnancy as long as the water isn’t too hot. In fact you might find that a nice warm bath helps ease those sore muscles after a long day of carrying baby around. Just make sure the water isn’t too hot because high temperatures have been associated with a higher risk of birth defects, especially during the first trimester which is why saunas and hot tubs are on the list of things you cannot use while pregnant.