About Us

In the spring of 2017, My husband and I discovered that we were going to be adding a member to our family. We were ecstatic and began to prepare for all of the changes to come once our son was born. We knew that preparing for our child was going to be expensive, but we forgot just how expensive the pregnancy itself would be. We knew that doctor appointments, vitamins, birthing classes, and other lifestyle changing expenses would be spread throughout the pregnancy, but we didn’t realize just how quickly the costs would hit until we were in the process of buying clothing. We hadn’t thought about how much the clothing would cost, thinking we could just get by on hand-me-downs. Clothes handed down from friends and family helped, but there was no way to completely avoid buying clothing and that’s where our adventure began.

While building a wardrobe and watching the costs add up, and up, and up, we were astounded by the maternity market. The big box chains, where we expected the prices to be manageable, had such small maternity sections that offered no variety. In order to build a single outfit from these stores, we were getting close to $100. The smaller boutiques and online stores certainly offered a better selection, but they had prices that were astronomical, $150 for 1 shirt! $199 for 1 pair of jeans! I appreciate looking good and can understand spending a decent amount of money on nice clothing, but those prices were outlandish, especially when considering that the clothes were only meant to cover such a small window in my life. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I was going to need to spend so much on clothes that in a few short months would end up sitting in my closet, just taking up space until my next pregnancy – if they even still fit! That was when my husband suggested that it would be great to be able to just borrow what I needed and then send everything back when I was finished.

That was the moment we put our two gripes together and Lifecycles Maternity was born. We wanted to make life manageable by making maternity wardrobes affordable and we wanted to make sure the wardrobes weren’t cluttering the closet between pregnancies. The concept was simple - borrow what you need and return it when you’re finished - saving time, money and space. Pay a monthly fee that is half the price of 1 outfit from a big box store, but get 7 outfits and the option to change your wardrobe without needing to spend exorbitant amounts of money. Order the clothes from the comfort of your home and return everything when you’re finished so you never have to worry about making time to go out and find clothes or what to do with them when they’re no longer needed.

We followed through on our idea and are glad to welcome you to Lifecycles Maternity. We hope that we are able to take some of the growing pains out of your pregnancy so you can focus on the things that are more important - your child and your health. Our son is growing quickly and we’re starting to think about siblings. We’re so happy to know that when that time comes for us, Lifecycles Maternity will be here to make life simpler.

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