Amazing Facts About Pregancy

Some Amazing Facts About Pregnancy... That You May or May Not Have Known. 


There are tons of facts about pregnancy and there are a lot things that you'll learn along the way. Pregnancy is a wonderful time (lets be real –mostly wonderful) when you and your body go through so many changes. Sure you have the physical changes like the growing belly like you’d expect and the emotional changes that the movies love to play up on, but then you have some other changes that aren’t as commonly discussed.  


  1. Pregnant Women’s Heart Increases in Size   

A pregnant woman’s heart does increase in size during pregnancy. This is due to the volume of blood increasing –which can increase up to 50%. Unfortunately more fluid means the potential for swelling, nosebleeds and bleeding gums which are all very common during pregnancy. 

  1. Babies can cry in the womb 

Babies can cry, suck their thumbs and can even taste some of the foods mom eats. Eventually they’ll also be able to hear and recognize mom’s voice so go ahead and talk to baby. A lot of women find it comforting to remember they’re never alone and always have someone to talk to –even if the conversations are a little one sided for now. 



  1. Your partner may also experience some “pregnancy symptoms” along with you 

It’s called a sympathetic pregnancy. They may feel nauseated or gain weight along with you. They could experience heartburn, abdominal discomfort and back pain –just to list a few. They could also experience changes in their sleep patterns, depression and anxiety.