Benefits of Maternity Clothing Rental

Your body undergoes so many changes during a pregnancy that it is hard to keep track of them all -the swollen feet, heartburn and that much anticipated pregnancy glow to name a few. Probably the most noticeable change is the baby bump forming at your midsection. As that bump grows, it is likely your regular clothes will no longer fit, which is why maternity clothing is a necessary part of the overall pregnancy experience. While there are many ways to address this need, I want to explain why the new trend away from making purchases to address short term needs and renting to meet them instead is a perfect fit for period in your life.

For the longest time, the world has been focused on making purchases to address the needs in your life. In some aspects of life, it just makes sense – if I am hungry, I buy food – but as time went on, we as a society became much more mobile and started needing flexibility. The concept of renting came into being and really took over to replace some of the more traditional purchases. It became easier to rent an apartment short-term to have the flexibility to move as needed, rather than try to buy and sell houses each time you needed to move. The option to rent a car came into play when you only needed a car for a short period of time. Weddings and other fancy events requiring high fashion led to the concept of renting tuxedos and dresses for the event. Well, now the concept of renting has found another temporary situation where it makes more sense to rent than to buy – maternity clothing. 

To those who are just beginning to shop for maternity clothing, I’m sure you’re noticing that this clothing is expensive. What you may not have considered yet is that, because of the changes to your body, you will be wearing maternity clothing for several months, including the first few after you give birth. Just like all clothing, if you wear a limited wardrobe for months at a time, the clothing will wear out quickly. This could leave you in the predicament of possibly having to replace your expensive maternity clothing during the course of your pregnancy, incurring those high costs multiple times. This is why maternity clothing rental is a superior option.

Using a maternity clothing rental service offers you flexibility that the standard model of purchasing maternity clothing does not. By charging a flat monthly fee, you avoid having large unmanageable costs that either drain your bank account or balloon your credit card balance. By being able to swap out your clothing when it starts to wear out or when you’re in the mood for a change in wardrobe, you avoid having to repeat the purchasing process. The cost savings and improvement to your cash flow are incredible.
Another reason maternity clothing rental is superior to the standard model comes into play after you’ve given birth and are ready to slide back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. If we haven’t lived them, we’ve at least all heard the stories of maternity clothing hand-me-downs being offered to a newly expectant mother by their mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, best friends, good friends, acquaintances, frenemies, co-workers and the list goes on and on. Have you ever wondered why this is the case? Part of it is a good-natured attempt to ease some of the above mentioned cost burden; however, the dirty little secret is that those clothes have been clogging up the closets, drawers, and storage space of everyone included in the list. They’re offering hand-me-downs because they need to make space! Luckily, when using a maternity clothing rental service, the clothing can be returned at the end of the pregnancy and there will be no need to unload mounds of clothing onto the next pregnant woman you meet.

So in summation, renting is a great option when you have a short-term need. Pregnancy definitely meets the short-term criteria, so maternity clothing rental makes a ton of sense: It helps you save money and improve your cash flow by spreading the expense over the duration of the pregnancy; It offers you flexibility in replacing your clothing as it wears out or as you want to update your wardrobe and It gives you a clean break from your maternity clothing once you’re ready to move back into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. We recommend you strongly consider using a maternity clothing rental service and pass along the concept to anyone taking the journey towards motherhood with you. 


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