Cute Maternity Clothes to Heartburn; The Best to the Worst.

As we mentioned on our about us page, we welcomed our first child in 2017. I had no idea what to really expect during pregnancy, besides the obvious things everyone talks about - morning sickness, heartburn (though I had no idea how much), swelling and of course the growing belly and the cute maternity clothes. I also remember someone talking about a pregnancy glow, but I don’t remember that ever showing up. So I decided to pull together a list of what I think were the best and worst parts of pregnancy. Feel free to send us what makes your list using the submission box on our contact us page because I would like to write a follow-up sharing your stories as well!

The first thing on my list of bests that I’m sure a lot of people expect to see is eating food and satisfying food cravings. Once you get past the morning sickness and not being able to eat, being able to eat whatever you (or baby) wants whenever you want is amazing. Being pregnant is pretty much a free pass to nonstop judgment free snacking. You’re eating for you and baby, so just make sure you don’t go too crazy with the junk food 😊. You also clearly don’t have to worry about your waistline since there’s plenty of room in those comfortable black maternity leggings you’re wearing!

Another thing at the top of my list was being able to feel baby move. That is something special that only you as the mother get to experience. For nine months, you’re never alone and for most of that time, baby will be moving and grooving around reminding you that they’re there and along for the ride. Baby is there to jam along with you and the radio on your morning commute or to keep you awake during that long meeting as baby bounces around with a case of the hiccups.

The last thing on my bests list is once baby is big enough and space starts getting a bit limited in your belly, in addition to feeling baby’s movements, you also get to see them as well - sometimes you’ll even see those movements through your cute maternity clothes. It was always fun to see baby stick a foot out or watch the shape of my belly change when baby decided to shift positions.  Also, by this point, you get a bit of interaction from baby when they hear music or if you poke that foot that they’ve stuck out. 

Now for my list of my top pregnancy complaints. Without a doubt, the worst part of pregnancy was that I’ve never had heartburn as much or as badly as I did while I was pregnant. This seems to be a fairly common complaint and generally antacids worked for me to get it under control, but every little thing I ate would set it off.

Second on my list are the awful leg cramps that woke me up at 3am. In fact, now that I think about it harder, these might tie with the heartburn for the top spot. Luckily they didn’t last for the duration of the pregnancy like the heartburn did, but they were still around long enough and disrupted my sleep enough to make it high on this list. 

The third thing I disliked was that sitting, laying, standing… basically existing became uncomfortable. Naturally as baby grows and your belly gets bigger and those black maternity leggings are fitting better and better, it gets harder and harder to get comfortable. As the pregnancy progresses, baby takes up more room and ends up pressing against everything. From the bladder to the ribs- they’re all fair game for baby who is also pressing on your pelvis, hips and against your back. Good luck finding a comfortable position to sit in or to sleep in. Actually good luck sleeping at all. A pregnancy pillow can help, but it can still be hard to get comfortable -especially if you’re someone who was used to sleeping on their back. Funny enough, I never was one of those people until I wasn’t able to, then that was the only position I wanted to sleep in. 

Finally, one of the biggest issues I had was how expensive maternity clothes are! When my regular pants suddenly didn’t fit anymore, I knew it was time to head out shopping to see what maternity clothes I could find. I was drawn to the cute maternity clothes that I found, but not to the price tags. I wasn’t thrilled about needing to spend that amount of money on clothes that I would be wearing for such a short time. Plus I knew everything would need to be stored or gotten rid of once they were no longer needed in a few months. I will say though that those black maternity leggings were by far the best part of my wardrobe.

So there is my list of pregnancy highlights and lowlights. I’m sure many of you can identify with at least a few items on this list. Again, I would like to write a follow-up to this article with your highlights and lowlights, so please share them with me via our contact page! In the meantime, if you need a pair of black maternity leggings or other cute maternity clothes, we have you covered! If you'd like to sign up or see how our membership works, you can read through it here!