Essentials of affordable maternity clothes

Everyone has what they consider to be essential pieces of their wardrobes, depending of course on what they wear on a day-to-day basis. A stay at home mom’s essentials are probably going to vary a bit from the essentials of a business woman or those of a pop star. 

A maternity wardrobe is no different. You will find some items are way more important to you than others. Part of it will depend on your occupational status and part of it will depend on comfort and effort required to get into the clothing – alright, so a large part of it will depend upon how much effort is required to get into the clothing, especially towards the end of the pregnancy. I’m going to discuss some of the items I felt were essential in my maternity wardrobe. 

I’ll start with pants because they were the first item of my wardrobe that I needed to find and purchase. I started looking for blue jeans and black work pants and I quickly realized finding affordable maternity clothes was probably going to be a bit harder than I’d thought. I also found that maternity jeans all seemed to fit me a bit differently. I did end up finding a few pairs, but then I stumbled across maternity leggings and fell in love. I had never really worn leggings previous to being pregnant so it was a new concept for me. I bought a few pairs of these and discovered they were definitely some of my maternity wardrobe staples. They fell into the category of affordable maternity clothes along with being comfortable and eas,y to get into which I discovered was incredibly important. 

I was pregnant enough over the summer that having a selection of cute summer maternity clothes was pretty important. Unfortunately, its difficult to find clothes with cute prints or sayings on them because those are usually out of the affordable maternity clothes category. Other cute summer maternity clothes that I liked to include in my wardrobe are maxi dresses. I am on the petite side, so while not-pregnant, finding maxi dresses that aren’t way too long for me can be quite the challenge. I don’t know if the pregnant belly pulls the fabric up enough that they’re not crazy long on me, or if I just happened to find a few that were just the right length, but maxi dresses are amazing and have made my list of essentials for my maternity wardrobe, especially if you’re pregnant during the very hot summer months. They’re generally easy to get into, they’re flowy and most importantly, they’re incredibly comfortable!

Finally, you’ll need to find a selection of comfortable maternity tops to wear while you’re pregnant. I got away with wearing my usual tops for a bit longer than I did with my pants, so I had some time to figure out what I really needed and wanted in my tops. I was looking for cute summer maternity clothes when I started looking at tops, but I was also looking for affordable maternity clothes as well. I didn’t want to pay a ton for a shirt because it had some cute saying or design on it. I wanted fabric that was soft and light. At the beginning, I was pretty uncomfortable with the trend where all the tops are all super fitted to really emphasize the belly, but I got over it pretty quickly. Honestly, I didn’t have much choice since that’s what’s available right now. I found myself some business casual tops for work - I was lucky and didn’t need anything super formal. The tops I found were easily dressed up with one of the cardigans I already had and went along with my amazing maternity leggings. I also found some long, soft fitted tee-shirts and some of the wide strap tank tops which would also double as work attire (again with the help of a cardigan to dress them up a bit). I also ended up finding a few long sleeved shirts for when the weather got colder, but I didn’t need too many of those. It was most important for me to have comfortable, short sleeved tops and tees so they’ve made the list of essentials in my maternity wardrobe. 

Another thing I’d like to take a moment to mention that isn’t exactly a wardrobe item, but can be very important is getting a belly band. To clarify, I mean the bands to support your growing belly and to help relieve some of the strain on your back. Especially if you have a job where you’re on your feet a lot, these bands can help a ton. You may have to look around and try a few to find a comfortable one, but once you have one that works for you, they can really help a lot. 

Your maternity wardrobe essentials will probably vary a bit from mine, though I assume you’ll still be looking for affordable maternity clothes. When it comes to comfort, you cannot beat leggings, maxi dresses and a soft, fitted tee in my opinion of course. We offer a selection of all three wardrobe essentials and are looking to expand our selection. Please submit any feedback on what you would like to see us add using our submission form on the contact us page. Remember, the important thing is that you’re comfortable in your maternity wardrobe while you’re embarking on this special journey and we want to do whatever we can to make you comfortable! 


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