How does this work?

ou select which combination of items you'd like to borrow, staying within our outfit guidelines. Once you've created an account and subscribed to our service, you select your wardrobe. Once you're finished, we'll ship the items to the address provided. Any time you want to make exchanges, go to "my closet" and follow the instructions to add clothes you wish to borrow and which you'd like to return, then mail back the clothes you want to return. We will ship your exchanged clothing as soon as we receive back your exchanged item.


When should I start my subscription?

You won't need to switch into maternity clothes as soon as you discover you're pregnant, but generally by the end of the first trimester you'll want to consider making the switch.


How do I pick the correct size?

A general rule is to use your pre-pregnancy size, but the item's sizing is listed for each item. Luckily, we carry all of our items in S, M, L and XL, so if an item doesn't fit properly, include it in your next exchange for the next size up or down.


How long am I allowed to borrow an outfit?

Outfits can be borrowed for as long as you need them, provided your subscription fee is paid.


How many outfits can I borrow at a time?

You may borrow 7 outfits at a time, please refer to our outfit guidelines.


What condition are the borrowed items in?

The items are in new to like new condition. Each item is professionally cleaned and inspected before being shipped out.


How often can I exchange outfits?

You may exchange your outfits once per month for free. You may make any additional exchanges as you see necessary; however, there will be an additional exchange fee to cover the costs of shipping and additional processing.


Is there a monthly membership fee?

Yes, we charge $49.99 /month until you cancel your subscription and return all of our items. There is an additional fee for damaged, destroyed or lost items. There is also a fee for additional exchanges made beyond your 1 free monthly exchange.


Do you accept checks or money orders?

Sorry, we do not accept checks, money orders, wires, ACH payments or cash at this time.


Who pays shipping?

We cover the shipping for your initial order, your returns upon cancellation and for 1 free exchange per month. You may exchange items as many times as you'd like after that 1st free exchange; however, there will be a fee to cover shipping and processing.


Do I need to clean the garments before returning them?

We have all items professionally cleaned upon their return to us, so you do not need to wash them prior to their return. We do ask that you please address any stains while they are fresh to ensure they do not damage the clothing. Please follow the specific cleaning guidelines for each product, as some are handwash or dry clean only. We will charge a damaged item fee if there are stains we are unable to remove, as the clothing will no longer in like-new condition.


How do I return the items?

Request a return label through the website which will be sent via email. Once you have the label, pack up the items you'd like to return and send them back.


If I don't have a printer, how do I get a label?

If you need another label, just let us know and we'll print one and mail it to you for an additional charge.

Why Subscribe?

New clothes as your bump grows.

Save money and time.

Save space with mix and match pieces.