Mighty Mama Movement

Did you know that it's possible to give birth with (practically) NO PAIN? We're not talking about getting an epidural here: we're talking about giving birth without medication AND without pain (well, pretty close). 

Rachel Moises, a mighty mama of EIGHT, is teaching this FREE online class where she'll share her journey of learning how to give birth with practically no pain. Her first few births were painful and traumatic, but her last FIVE births were peaceful, powerful, and practically PAIN-FREE. In fact, one time she pushed her baby's head out WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT! 
In this class, she'll teach you the technique that had the BIGGEST IMPACT ON EMPOWERING HER TO GIVE BIRTH WITH PRACTICALLY NO PAIN. She teaches the technique in a hands-on real life demonstration that will allow you to experience for yourself how powerful it is. 
She will also reveal THREE SECRETS ABOUT GIVING BIRTH that every pregnant women needs to know. 
So, if you have a baby INSIDE of your body that you have to get OUTSIDE of your body, then this class is for you! 
                       Click here to view the FREE course!



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