Why Subscribe?

New clothes as your bump grows!

Using our service allows you to easily update your wardrobe from home. Whether you’re in the mood for something new or your clothes are beginning to feel a bit tight, we offer several options that will let you find the best fit for your style and growing bump. Once you’re finished with the clothes you have borrowed, simply exchange some or all of them and select something new. Keep an eye on the new arrivals. We will be building our closet to allow for greater selection, so your options will continue to change!


Save money and time!

Maternity clothing is expensive to buy and the shopping trips can be a hassle. Outfits can range in price from barely affordable to astronomical and most stores’ selections are so small that they won’t carry anything that you want, so you spend a ton of time driving and searching. Our service lets you manage the costs by paying a monthly fee, rather than paying for your clothes upfront each time you need something new. We offer 7 outfits for a monthly fee of $49.99, so if we estimate the cost of 1 outfit from a box store to be $100, it would cost $700 to buy 7 outfits, while 5 months of our service will only cost $250. This doesn’t even include the costs of additional outfits that you may wish to purchase throughout your pregnancy, which can be exchanged through our service for free*. Best yet, you can browse online for your clothing from the comfort of your home and we will ship right to you. Our website is easy to use, allowing you to easily select new items and exchange old ones. This whole experience allows you more time to relax.


Save space and mix and match pieces!

Closet space is a valuable commodity and shouldn’t be wasted storing clothing after you no longer need them. Our service lets you borrow the items you want and return them once you’re ready to return to your pre-pregnancy clothing, which frees up a lot of space in your closet. Also, since we allow you to make exchanges when you’re ready to change things up, you won’t have several items taking up space as you mix and match your new outfits. Once you’re finished and ready to make the switch back to pre-pregnancy clothing, simply contact us to cancel your service and return all of the clothes in the provided box. We look forward to going along with you on your journey during this special time.


*Our service offers one free exchange of clothing per month. Additional exchanges can be made for an exchange fee.

Why Subscribe?

New clothes as your bump grows.

Save money and time.

Save space with mix and match pieces.